About Me

  • I’m Kamer.
  • I’m a software developer at Kod Gemisi.
  • My main keywords are Java, Kotlin, Spring, Micronaut, Linux but I love exploring new things.
  • You can reach me on Twitter or via email.

About Blog

  • You can find posts about the keywords above both in English and Turkish. Most of them are in English.
  • I crosspost my articles on Medium. (https://kamer-dev.medium.com/)
  • All posts are written in Org mode, converted into markdown with ox-hugo and generated as a static site with Hugo.
  • This blog does not have:
    • Third party analytics services
    • Ad
    • Social media share buttons
    • Third party web fonts
    • JavaScript
  • I’m using GoAccess for analytics. It’s simple web log analyzer.